“It’s Cancer”

Colon Cancer: A Journal After Diagnosis

January 19, 2021

I’ve been up since 4 a.m. because I had a ton of stuff to do before leaving for chemo. I have so much to say! I’ve been Marie Kwandoing my life for the past ten days. When I moved in August, I donated or tossed tons of stuff (furniture, clothes, miscellaneous) because I wanted toContinue reading “January 19, 2021”

January 7, 2021

I’m sick. I’ve been on the chemo pump for two days. Just took it off this afternoon. Can barely eat. In bed all day. Sweet Pea is by my side. I can count on her. Kisses for Sweet Pea. Love, Molly

January 5, 2021

I am near the hospital – stopped for some coffee. My pre-op appointment for the stent surgery is in an hour. I have a little more clarity this morning. Here’s the situation: My tumor is in my pelvis. There is also a cyst (almost as large as the tumor and sits next to the tumor)Continue reading “January 5, 2021”

January 4, 2020

Hi. I am lying in bed thinking. I spoke with my doctor today about my scans. My tumor has shrunk significantly as have the lesions in my liver and lungs. The shrinkage is so significant that surgery is now a consideration. However, there are issues with having surgery. One of the issues is keeping meContinue reading “January 4, 2020”

January 1, 2021

Happy New Year!!! Yesterday, my doctor told me that my new scans look great! I have a video chat with him next week for the full info. I don’t make New Year resolutions but I will tell you about a change I’m going to make. I read a recent article in the New York TimesContinue reading “January 1, 2021”

December 30, 2020 – More

I just received an email from someone who does not know I have stage 4 inoperable cancer. When people don’t know, they’re just themselves. A friend once advised: If someone tells you who they are, listen. If they show you, pay attention. It is the rare occasion that I react to pettiness or unpleasantness. IContinue reading “December 30, 2020 – More”

December 30, 2020

Insomnia. Spent yesterday going to/from and in the hospital – a ten hour ordeal. Got a new CT scan (will have results 1/4/2021) and still have a UTI – can’t get more antibiotics until a culture is done. Need to sleep – have work-work to do in the morning – need to be rested. IContinue reading “December 30, 2020”

December 28, 2020

Last night, I googled steroids and weight gain/nutrition. Here’s what I’ve learned: Steroids decrease your levels of potassium so it’s very important that you eat potassium rich foods such as oranges, dates, russet potatoes, bananas, and spinach. It can also cause osteoporosis so it’s critical that you consume calcium rich foods such as low-fat dairyContinue reading “December 28, 2020”

December 27, 2020 MORE

WEIGHT GAIN!!! Guess what no one told me? Steroids make you FAT! I’m on steroids and I’m becoming a bit of a chubster. Steroids make you hungry and put on weight. The weight goes straight to your face and mid-section. That’s what’s happening to me. I know it sounds like I eat too many sweetsContinue reading “December 27, 2020 MORE”


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