June 2, 2020

I had a mandatory COVID test today. It lasted only about 5 seconds but I didn’t like it at all. Very uncomfortable. You have to get a COVID test 48 hours prior to any procedure involving respiration so you don’t infect the medical staff. I needed it for my sigmoidoscopy because apparently the gastro track sheds viruses. I found out about the test when I called yesterday to get instructions for the sigmoidoscopy and it was scheduled this morning for this afternoon. I went to an urgent care clinic to get it – very well-organized, very friendly staff. Lousy test, good experience.

I’m really beat now. I had energy this morning and spent it sorting through belongings in anticipation of the move. It wore me out. I pushed myself to do more this afternoon after the COVID test (and driving to/from) which was a mistake. I should have just watched Netflix.

I also ate two small pieces of skirt steak (I love skirt steak) and there were ramifications. I don’t want to be disgusting but my body is really struggling now to expel waste. It’s trying to function normally and it can’t. My colon was in overdrive in April and now it can’t do its job at all. Radical difference. Why?

The last time I spoke with my primary care doctor, he told me that I needed to watch out for my body no longer processing waste – basically shutting down. I was taken aback and didn’t have the presence of mind to ask why it would be doing that. Instead, I just said “OK, I’ll let you know.”

What made him think that my colon would no longer be able to its job? Why wasn’t I given that underlying information? Is the tumor strangling it? I know, I’m a broken record. I’ll stop.

It’s like there’s me – and I’m fighting – and there’s my body – and it’s fighting. I want to help it but I don’t know how. It’s on its own right now and I feel very bad for it.

No doctor in sight.

Love, Molly2923

One thought on “June 2, 2020

  1. *hugs* A big sign of your colon no longer doing it’s job is awful awful waves of pain, along with nausea/vomiting. It can be a sign that your colon is blocked (can be a tumor or something else) and is a medical emergency. If you need to talk with someone who has been there, my email is inspired101.2003@gmail.com. If you’re on Google Hangouts, you can also find me there via that email. If you email me, I can give you a list of some resources.


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