June 6, 2020

There is no room in my life for anything other than positivity, love, kindness, warmth and gentleness. That’s what I need to help me get better.

Now, I will just say goodnight.

Love, Molly2923

P.S. Pain is very bad now. Another night of it. Last night too. Can’t wait to see the oncologist.

PPS. It’s almost midnight. Agony. I need help. I need to see an oncologist.

3 thoughts on “June 6, 2020

    1. No. The doctor who did the sigmoidoscopy said I had to wait until Monday to confirm the colon cancer and then she would set it up with the doctor I chose. When she calls with those results, I’m going to tell her what’s happening now – can’t really go to the bathroom anymore, can’t really eat, severe pain – and why did her test results say complete blockage when the scans didn’t? Is the tumor growing/getting worse? Is anybody other than me comparing the results? I’m afraid I’ll need emergency surgery without the benefit of a plan or an oncological surgeon. This is going on so long – feel like I’m stuck in some bureaucracy – meanwhile, no one is monitoring my symptoms or my horrible weight loss – I’m sorry. It’s almost midnight – I’ll stop. I’m scared. Honestly, the doctors haven’t given me any information about my condition. The most I’ve learned is from you.


      1. Seriously, go to http://www.colontown.org and sign up to be part of the group. It’s simply amazing. You won’t regret it. You do need a Facebook account though. It will also help you learn to be an empowered patient and take control over your healthcare decisions. If you can, I also recommend finding a therapist. Cancer is hard and it helps to talk about it to an independent third party. They can also help us manage our anxiety over the many unknowns of cancer. I already had one for other reasons when I was diagnosed and I have been so grateful.


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