June 9, 2020

I decided to choose a medical oncologist before I have a surgery to make sure the oncologist is on board with the plan – basically a second opinion (not eating solids in the meantime and hungry).

I met virtually with a medical oncologist today. I have Stage 4 colon cancer. The 5 yr survival rate is 15-20%. The median survival period is two years.

Maybe I’m in denial but I have hope.

I am meeting virtually with another medical oncologist tomorrow afternoon. He is the doctor I called when I was in such pain after the MRIs. He was booked until next week so I had to explain that emergency surgery was recommended and I needed to see him right away. He made space for me in his schedule. I’m so glad he did.

My cat is lying by my side right now, looking up at me, sleepy and relaxed. She just got a little belly rub. I simply can’t die. She’s old now (but still healthy and vigorous) and she needs me. I have to stick around.

Love, Molly2923

2 thoughts on “June 9, 2020

  1. *Hugs* I’ve been there and it’s hard. Remember, those statistics are already five years old. For some, cancer simply becomes a chronic disease. Remember, you’re your own best advocate. Don’t be afraid to find new doctors and get other opinions. The things doctors can do are constantly changing.


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