June 29, 2020

I weighed myself this morning because for the past two days I have had a huge stool output – I assume the backed-up stool that caused my problems (but maybe not). I have had to empty my colostomy bag five times each day. And I have been as sick as a dog – weak, nauseous, in pain. I am now 102 pounds.

I don’t know when I will be done emptying my colon. Maybe it will take weeks. I wish a doctor had told me what to expect. I need this to end so I can get back to my life. Or is this now my life? It can’t be …

I have to take a drive to the town I’m moving to – it’s many hours away. Car rides are hard for me right now because of the incisions. The roads are very bumpy. But we have to take care of a few very important things. We are going tomorrow.

Will write more when we get back. Trying to sleep now but can’t.

My wonderful cat won’t leave my side … she knows something isn’t right …

Love, Molly2923

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