July 1, 2020

I have been doing paperwork up the wazoo. Endless, endless paperwork. You don’t want to know – all move and health related.

In the meantime, I’m in pain. Sheer, unadulterated pain. I think it’s the stent in my ureter (bladder to kidney) given the location of the pain and the fact that I spotted blood today. I need to get it checked out but I don’t want to go back to the doctor who put it in. All I have is Tylenol for the pain and it doesn’t help at all – that would make sense to me if the stent is causing the problem. If it is the stent, shouldn’t a doctor have warned me about the pain so I would know it’s normal and not to worry – or that I shouldn’t feel pain and, if I do, to call? Lousy, lousy care.

If the kidney/back pain went away, I would be doing OK. Not great, but OK. I don’t know if or when my colon will be emptied. I was told to take the prescribed medication “as needed.” What does that mean? Can I stop now? They don’t know and I don’t know but apparently it’s my call. Are there any doctors left?

I want to feel normal again. I am excited about the move and all the possibilities it offers and moving forward on some personal and professional projects. I had wanted to plant a bumblebee garden but we are in a shady, glen-like spot. Maybe I can have just one pot full of flowers that bumblebees love when they come out in the early spring. I did some research and I remember that there are shade loving flowers rich in nectar that come up after the last snowfall – perfect for hungry bumblebees!

I’m also looking forward to the fall and going to the farm stands selling apple pies – and making my gingerbread (sticky and yummy).

I can see ahead and want to move ahead – but first the pain has got to stop. It is just too much. I need a doctor to call, not a “team.” I need someone who knows me and will help me. I am determined to find that person.

Love, Molly2923

One thought on “July 1, 2020

  1. If you want a stand alone doc to see about the stent, find a urologist. Some people tolerate stents well and some don’t. I was firmly in the “dont” camp when I had one earlier in the year.
    I think you might have to get used to having a “team” or at least seeing a bunch of different doctors. Between cancer monitoring and the issues I have as a result of my genetic syndrome (it’s what led to my cancer diagnosis), I have four docs in addition to my primary care doc and I also see a psychiatrist. You just need to find docs that communicate with one another. Having cancer means you’re going to have different docs for different things. There’s not really any way around it. Some people find a great doc that helps coordinate things but most people have to learn to coordinate talking to their doctors. My old oncologist before I moved was great at communicating with my surgeon. Down in Florida it’s all scattered, so it’s up to me to keep each of them up to date.


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