July 2, 2020

I know it’s the same old same old but this is the reality: my colon back-up is stopping my recovery. I am very hungry and today I ate. I ate small amounts throughout the day but at about 4:00 p.m. I ate ALOT. I am paying for it now. I have been paying for it for hours and I will be paying for it for the rest of the night. I couldn’t sleep at all last night (maybe 2 hours or so broken up due to the pain) and I doubt I’ll be sleeping tonight. But tomorrow is a new day and I can’t wait for it. I will get up, eat a good, small breakfast, take my medication, drink my lemonade (I’ve been making lemonade to entice myself to drink more), stay hydrated throughout the day, and not eat any big meals. I have eight hours of torture until I can start my new routine to which I will remain faithful until the medicine is finished because I cannot tolerate another night like this one.

On the brighter side, I am moving forward on a lot of issues related to health and the move and, once they are finalized, I’ll write about them.

I bought two new shirts to accommodate my colostomy bag – polo type shirts that are roomy but not boxy and cover the bag. I got them in petal pink and navy. They are very cute and fit perfectly. I can wear them over capris for a clean, neat look. There’s a bright spot! I also bought scissors to cut hair and they arrived today. I trimmed some face-framing hair so I don’t look so bedraggled. I also sat outside in the sun for a short time and soaked up the rays – that was wonderful – out of the bed and into the sun. I smelled wood chips, listened to the birds, and fell into a blissful state. All good things.

Wish me luck getting a little sleep tonight!!!

Love, Molly2923

One thought on “July 2, 2020

  1. Soak up whatever sun you can. When you finally start chemo, you’ll either have to be covered head to toe or be inside. The chemo drugs used for colon cancer don’t react well to the sun. Thinking of you and praying things get better. *Hugs*


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