July 9, 2020

Had a scare this afternoon. My colon is “sloughing” every morning (very uncomfortable). That means I have to “go.” I don’t know if “sloughing” every day is normal – another thing the doctors didn’t care to share. I will tell you that I don’t know when it’s coming and I can’t control it when it does. I don’t know how I’ll go back to work outside the home – if it happened in the car, I’d be drenched. A sanitary napkin is not built for this. So diapers?

Anyway, I “sloughed” this morning. Then, this afternoon, out of the blue, I sloughed again but this time the toilet was full of blood and stool. I was dripping blood on the bathroom floor on the way to the toilet and got some on the bathroom mat. IS THIS NORMAL? Why the hell didn’t the doctors say “Oh, by the way, you may pass blood – don’t worry about it – it’s normal” or “If you pass blood, call us immediately – it’s not normal.”

I put in a call and the doctor was notified by the hospital via email but it has been hours and have not received a call back.

I just want to move and see my new doctors. I want to feel protected. Three more weeks and I’ll be there …

Love, Molly2923

UPDATE: I got a call from a physician assistant who told me that my symptoms were normal. If I lose more blood, have a fever, or throw up, then I may have a problem but I don’t appear to have one now. Thank god.

SECOND UPDATE: Tonight I got a call from my surgeon who reiterated that my symptoms this afternoon were normal. However, he also told me that I need to start chemo immediately because my tumor is large and could invade a blood vessel at any time which would lead to immediate death – bleeding to death. No one told me about this ever – no one – not any doctor, PA, nurse – no one at any time. I am terrified. I am going to start chemo immediately and then transfer to the new hospital when I move.

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