July 14, 2020

I just had my first cup of coffee since my colon woes began in earnest in February. I had a mocha java made stove top in my Bialetti with hot milk and a toasted blueberry muffin. It was so good. I mean SO GOOD. I love coffee and a muffin. Just love it. I like a smooth coffee and this was it.

Off to pack some more. Talk to you later.

Packed and packed. More packing to do – tomorrow. It’s slow going because I rest a lot.

Big news of the day? Can’t go. The strongest bowel med came to an end yesterday so I am on Day 2 of no output. I live for output – I wait for it, I watch it – sounds disgusting but it’s not – it means I’m working and I want to work – today I’m not working. My bowel is confused – it needs to do its thing. You know what happens when it stops working? Pain. And that’s what’s happening right now, at this very minute. Pain.

Wish me and my bowel luck tonight.

Love, Molly2923

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