July 31, 2020

No one likes a gloomy girl.

I picture a small house with a working fireplace, wood floors, white walls, spare. Its windows look onto greenery, including my garden. There will be a flower garden that caters to the pollinators and a vegetable garden where I grow only my favorites and a fruit tree. There will be a grassy knoll or two among the flower beds so I can walk in and sit. I picture a small, above-ground pool surrounded by tall grass that blows in the wind or maybe a trim box hedge so I can float under the sun and submerge into the blue, look beyond the water’s edge, and see only the green. I picture myself working from home, quietly, seriously. It will be my full-time residence but, in the summer, it will feel like my get-a-away and in the winter, my cozy retreat. All mine.

This is what I want.

One thought on “July 31, 2020

  1. How are you doing? I meant to ask over the weekend, but my ileostomy landed me back in the hospital for dehydration. I hope you’re feeling better now that you’re a week removed from chemo.


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