August 15, 2020

I’ve thought about discontinuing this blog. All I write about it is how sick I am/feel which is just depressing. The truth is that I am now sick around the clock. It is debilitating. I got a ten minute breather yesterday and suddenly felt like me again. I put on an old disco song – “Got To Be Real” – by Cheryl Flynn from 1978. Love that song. Started dancing around – shaking my now non-existent booty – and having fun – and then I felt sick again. For the past two days, I have had severe pain in my bowel/stoma – can’t go – maybe because of the constipation inducing anti-nausea medication Zofran. It’s hard not to think negatively when you feel like this 24/7.

I bought some blue forget-me-not seeds for fall planting. They’ll come up in the spring. I love blue flowers and the bees love forget-me-nots and forget-me-nots like part shade so they’re perfect. The soil here is lousy so into pots they will go. I hope they do well.

The chemo is out of me now (for now) so my cat and I are back to cuddling. She’s happier for it.

Love, Molly

4 thoughts on “August 15, 2020

  1. Talk to your doctor about stool softeners. While I had a colostomy, I was always taking Miralax to help balance the consistency of my output. It’s safe to be on permanently if need be. Definitely see if you can talk to a palliative care doctor/nurse through oncology. They’re the best at helping to manage side effects. My other piece of advice is to keep trying different anti nausea medications. There are quite a few out there. I ultimately ended up on Olanzipine for the day before + several days after chemo. I’d then take Ativan for break through nausea while on the pump, and Zofran after that. But it took a lot of trial and error to get to that point. What pre meds (drugs prior to chemo) are you getting?


    1. Great advice. I’m on Colase but I think Miralax would be better long-term. I’m getting a local palliative care dr to administer hydration, etc during chemo week. Don’t know the pre meds off-hand. I’ve been given Zofran and compazene for nausea.


      1. Definitely ask to try some of the other anti nausea meds out there. Some combination might work better for you. The best part about Miralax for me was the ability to play with the dose on a daily basis depending on how thick/thin my stool was. I mixed mine with grape juice. Fruit juices can also be good at thinning out stool. If you google it, you can find a list of foods that thin/thicken your output.


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