October 12, 2020

Bad news. They’re taking me off the chemo drug that was working so well because of my allergic reaction and starting me on a new one. A nurse told me about a month ago that they have a bag of tools to fight the cancer and that the bag is big. She was trying to be encouraging.

Now the bag holds one less tool.

I got a toothache yesterday (a molar) and it has not gone away. It has gotten worse. I had work done on that tooth a year ago and was told then that I might need a root canal but I didn’t. Maybe now I do. … I also just lost a filling on another tooth that I had filled a year ago. Maybe it’s the chemo – chemo is supposed to cause mouth problems/sores. I also just learned that my cat needs dental work too. Everything is piling up …

Love, Molly

P.S. Listening to music – classical guitar – with my purring cat. Nice. … The apple pie I made yesterday was awful – I am not a pie baker. Made a lemon ring tonight and had a slice with tea. Very, very good.

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