November 4, 2020

Good morning.

It’s bright and chilly here. Wearing my heavy traction boots – thick lug sole – to protect against patches of ice. Left the house at 4:30 a.m. to get to a decent car dealership to have my tires changed for winter. Waiting for them to open now.

It took a full week to recover from the chemo but I worked through much of it and have been working exceptionally hard ever since. In fact, all I’ve done is work. And I made a batch of the best blueberry muffins. Delicious. Going to substitute cranberries – ’tis the season – for my next batch.

Yesterday, I lugged the tires out of the storage closet to the car and put them in the trunk. This morning, I waited outside the car dealership for hours in the cold all bundled-up (I wouldn’t go in the dealership due to COVID) and was told that I already had snow tires on the car! I couldn’t believe it. I had brought them my summer tires. I called up my old dealership and confirmed my last appointment which was in the winter. I forgot to change my tires in the spring. I am usually hyper-vigilant about changing them because I don’t want to wear them down and have to replace them more than necessary. But I was so sick last Spring/Summer that I just forgot. I forgot. I never forget. So today I drove three hours before dawn and paid for a tire change that I didn’t need.

Now I’m in the hospital for blood work … I’m waiting to be called.

I had another lovely nurse. They are all wonderful. I didn’t know her but she knew me from my allergic reaction to the chemo. She had been across the hall at the time. A woman took my vitals this morning and asked me if I was allergic to any drugs. I told her just the MRI contrast. Then the nurse piped up and said I’m also allergic to the oxaliplatin. I guess everyone knows about it … it must have been as bad as it felt.

So the nurse put the needle in my arm to draw blood but no blood came out. She put pressure on the area but no go. She tried again and then my vein clotted. It was a bit unnerving. Next she put a needle in my port and drew the blood. Then she couldn’t get the needle out of my port! Another nurse (a wonderful, knowledgeable nurse who I’ve had before) helped and removed the needle. I’ve found that some nurses are just better than others with phlebotomy. The cancer nurses are best using the port and non-cancer nurses are best using the arm. I’ll stick with the port in the future.

Returned home 12 hours later at 4:30 p.m. Tired now.

Remember I had a horrible toothache? Well I did and it lasted WEEKS. I made an appointment with the dentist and then I canceled it. All I could think about was opening my mouth as wide as I could while a dentist and hygienist would be breathing mere inches away (mask notwithstanding). I decided not to risk it. My dentist could have had dinner with his teenage son or daughter the night before – without a mask – after the child had been in school or hanging out with peers – without a mask – or after having had dinner with his wife and another couple or two – without a mask – any one of whom could be infected and asymptomatic. It’s like russian roulette.

I am doing everything possible to fight this cancer and so are my doctors and nurses. I can’t take chances. I decided I’d rather live with a bad tooth than die of COVID with perfect teeth (or suffer long-term COVID health effects or reduce my chances of surviving the cancer due to a COVID infection – god forbid). Too terrible to contemplate. So I bought hydrogen peroxide to use as a mouth wash (1/2 water, 1/2 hp solution) to kill whatever bacteria was causing my infection – and it worked! I don’t know what’s happening with my tooth but the pain is gone. Now I swish every other day.

So long for now … going to look at the latest election vote tallies.

Love, Molly

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