December 7, 2020


I go back for chemo in two days. Hope it will be my last time! I think they’re going to put me on a breast cancer drug after the chemo – it’s not intended for colon cancer but it specifically combats the kind of genetically super-aggressive cancer that I have. Lucky me!!!

I am planning my birthday cupcakes. I am going to make a rainbow cupcake (that’s a vanilla cupcake with rainbow swirls going through it) with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. How good does that sound?! Yum, yum.

I finished my mini pecan pie the other day and I may have to make another one because I can’t stop thinking about it. I am going to try to resist.

It sounds like all I do is bake and eat …

I think I may have killed the garden outside my front door. It had been filled with ferns that died when the weather turned so I cut them back. I thought I was supposed to. Well, it seems you’re not supposed to – ferns need the protection during the winter months to regenerate in the spring. I feel very bad about that. Very bad … I hope they survive.

What else? I was listening to Louis Armstrong this morning – always puts a smile on my face – and volunteered for an organization remotely this afternoon.

I’ve been working on my project – I’ve gotten a lot done. I’m going to spend all day on it tomorrow because chemo hits on Wednesday. Make hay!

That’s it for now!

Love, Molly

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