December 8, 2020

Front page New York Times – someone else dropped dead of colon cancer – 53 years old – an actress. Terrible. I never used to read the obituaries but I do now because if it isn’t old, old age, it’s cancer and very, very often colon cancer.

And I woke up so happy this morning – I got my King Arthur Baking holiday catalogue AND my new wig!

Went out early this morning to put gas in the car for my 6 hour round-trip chemo drive tomorrow. It’s cold out there!

I love my new wig. It’s chocolate brown, thick and shiny. I like synthetic wigs – if it’s fake flaunt it! I don’t color my natural hair so it’s fun having a lilac and a chocolate brown wig.

OK – now I’m going back to my project.

Have a great day!

Love, Molly

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