December 27, 2020 MORE


Guess what no one told me? Steroids make you FAT!

I’m on steroids and I’m becoming a bit of a chubster.

Steroids make you hungry and put on weight. The weight goes straight to your face and mid-section. That’s what’s happening to me.

I know it sounds like I eat too many sweets (which I do) but I don’t eat a lot of any one treat and my diet is otherwise very healthy. But now I have a problem …

So here’s my plan: I’m upping the lean protein and veggies, swapping oatmeal for toast in the morning, and cutting the sweets. If I weren’t taking any steroids, that would do the trick – the weight would come right off – I’m only looking to drop a few pounds and, more importantly, not gain more – but I don’t know what will happen with the drug in my system …

We shall see – first weigh-in tomorrow morning!

Chicken and string beans for dinner!!!

Love, Molly

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