March 8, 2021 MORE

Right now I’m listening to Mozart and it’s beautiful. It’s a special compilation – Mozart for Meditation – it’s very soft, light. I don’t like heavy classical music (bombastic, overbearing) or depressing classical music (of which there is much too much).

I just finished making some corn muffins and Irish soda bread – quick and easy – it’s baking right now – will be good in the morning. (But I’m sure to sample tonight which was a big motivator in making them).

Guess who’s “disabled”? Apparently I am. I applied for a part-time position that would allow me to work remotely and was required to state whether I have a disability. Cancer was listed as a disability – had no idea though it makes sense. So, for the first time in my life I answered “yes.” Wow. That’s all I can say. I may be stuck in bed but I’m not old and I’m not broken! I’m still me!!!

I get a new scan next week – big excitement but it hits 48 hours after chemo so I’ll be sick to my stomach making the 6 hour round trip drive. Worth it … maybe the tumor will keep shrinking??? Maybe!

I can smell my corn muffins now … almost done … better taken them out of the oven now …

Thanks for listening to my blather!

See you later and goodnight!

Love, Molly

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