March 25, 2021

Good morning!

I have a nasty little tidbit that anyone reading this who has cancer will know and I want you to know you’re not alone. The chemo causes me to have to blow my nose a thousand times a day (well, not a thousand but I now go through tissue boxes like water) and out comes blood. That’s right. Yuck. Disgusting.

Still losing hair. Can no longer hold a pony tail without wrapping the band around ten times (and risk losing more) but hair still covers my head so I have to count my blessings. Still, I miss my thick hair!

I wake before dawn almost every day and today was no exception. I love seeing the sky lighten. I’m going to get a cup of coffee now and one of my biscotti and I will write again later. Going to keep this blog open all day and then I’ll post. See you later!

Working on my expanded freelance project now. I like the man I work with – he’s competent and direct – two qualities I appreciate.

You know, I was thinking about what I wrote yesterday – how the quarantine has been peaceful for me – and I was thinking about how critical it is to choose the people in your life with the greatest care. So here’s a note: Life is short and you must not waste any time in unhappy situations or relationships. Here’s a clarifying question: If your child (real or future tense, adult or minor) was treated the way you are treated in your relationship, would you approve? I hope the answer is “yes.” It can be that simple.

Sorry for the tangent … I’m off topic.

You know what? I’m going to post now. I want to say hello!

Hello out there!!!

Love, Molly

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