April 3, 2021

So far today I’ve baked cinnamon rolls and a lemon ring and I’ve eaten cinnamon rolls and some of my lemon ring. It’s a good day!!!

As part of my last weekend clean-up wrap-up, I went through my book of recipes that I’ve collected or created over time and pulled out the ones I still make. There’s so much I would never make again – I won’t buy special ingredients for just one recipe or ingredients that I won’t use regularly – and, at this point, I just toss food together based on experience – so it’s all pared down to simple, yummy bakes made with ingredients I always have in the house.

That’s really the way it should be. I read that the human mind shuts down if given too many choices and it won’t make a choice. I read food columns but, really, all the choices are just overwhelming – the perfection grating – which makes none of it much fun at all. It’s like you’re being set up for failure. Just give me a grilled cheese sandwich. You know how good a good grilled cheese sandwich can be? So, so good with good bread and good cheese. I put carmelized onions in mine and cook it on a cast iron ridged pan with a cast iron block that presses it down into a cheese crusted square. Add a little mustard (or not) … Delicious!

I feel better about my upcoming treatment. I read that one woman stayed on it for eight years and then had heart problems but was able to go back on it. I’ll take eight years!

I still have stuff to do so I’m going to get back to it.

Have a wonderful day!

Love, Molly

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