April 7, 2021

Yesterday I had my first infusion of the new drugs. It went badly. I was given Benadryl to calm any potential allergic reaction and had a “restless leg” reaction that, I was told, happens to some people. The nurse recommended I not be given Benadryl again. Then, near the end of the Herceptin, I threwContinue reading “April 7, 2021”

April 6, 2021

I found out yesterday that I am getting Perjeta which is a companion drug to Herceptin and also a targeted drug. It has all kinds of very bad side effects, including heart issues, and reactions can occur during the infusion. I leave in about 2 hours for my appointment. Love, Molly

April 3, 2021

So far today I’ve baked cinnamon rolls and a lemon ring and I’ve eaten cinnamon rolls and some of my lemon ring. It’s a good day!!! As part of my last weekend clean-up wrap-up, I went through my book of recipes that I’ve collected or created over time and pulled out the ones I stillContinue reading “April 3, 2021”

March 31, 2021

Hello!!! I have a lot to report! First of all, I am POOPED!!! I have been working very hard and am absolutely exhausted. I gave myself an end-of-the-month deadline to finish certain things and I’ve almost made it. I’ll need the weekend to finish everything because I got interrupted by some major issues which areContinue reading “March 31, 2021”

March 24, 2021

I am a gigantic stink bomb. I don’t know why but my stoma pouch STINKS and it’s not supposed to. I change it and I still stink!!! SMELLY!!! So this week something not good happened – the details aren’t important – but what’s important is that sometimes one thing can happen – something entirely unexpectedContinue reading “March 24, 2021”