December 21, 2020

I threw out all my peanut butter cookies. I am starting to get FAT! It’s a good problem to have considering my condition but still … (I had already eaten a bunch of the cookies – which may have created this problem – so it was not a total waste). I’m feeling good – workingContinue reading “December 21, 2020”

December 14, 2020

Good morning! I just had a delicious cup of coffee – Allegro Mocha Java – oh my god so good. I made cornbread yesterday and had a square with the coffee. I’ve also gotten back into eating dried figs – packed with minerals. I used to eat them all the time – would also makeContinue reading “December 14, 2020”

December 9, 2020

I’m in chemo now. They took me off Irinotecan because I’ve been so sick on it (I’ve been in bed for about 10 days straight after each session with severe nausea, hot flashes and no energy/ability to move, severe headaches, itchy points on skin, confusion, pink urine, runny nose, more hair loss than usual, horribleContinue reading “December 9, 2020”

December 7, 2020

Hello! I go back for chemo in two days. Hope it will be my last time! I think they’re going to put me on a breast cancer drug after the chemo – it’s not intended for colon cancer but it specifically combats the kind of genetically super-aggressive cancer that I have. Lucky me!!! I amContinue reading “December 7, 2020”

December 6, 2020

First of all, I feel good today. I’m back to my normal self. Thank god. Second, I get one more chemo treatment and then I get another scan to see how the tumor is doing. Then the doctor will decide if I need to continue chemo and what the plan will be. Third, I workedContinue reading “December 6, 2020”