December 14, 2020

Good morning! I just had a delicious cup of coffee – Allegro Mocha Java – oh my god so good. I made cornbread yesterday and had a square with the coffee. I’ve also gotten back into eating dried figs – packed with minerals. I used to eat them all the time – would also makeContinue reading “December 14, 2020”

December 7, 2020

Hello! I go back for chemo in two days. Hope it will be my last time! I think they’re going to put me on a breast cancer drug after the chemo – it’s not intended for colon cancer but it specifically combats the kind of genetically super-aggressive cancer that I have. Lucky me!!! I amContinue reading “December 7, 2020”

December 6, 2020

First of all, I feel good today. I’m back to my normal self. Thank god. Second, I get one more chemo treatment and then I get another scan to see how the tumor is doing. Then the doctor will decide if I need to continue chemo and what the plan will be. Third, I workedContinue reading “December 6, 2020”

November 23, 2020

Good morning. It’s a little after 4:00 a.m. and right now I have vegetables roasting (squash and carrots) and a loaf of soda bread baking. Yesterday was the first day I felt 100% like myself. It took me 10 days to recover from the chemo and I head back in 48 hours on Wednesday. ForContinue reading “November 23, 2020”

November 9, 2020

I’m starting to plan Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday. It is a calm, peaceful day spent in the kitchen making my favorite foods. I am going to make: Whipped butternut squash. I roast it year-round but am going to whip it to creamy consistency for Thanksgiving. Classic green bean casserole. I haven’t had this sinceContinue reading “November 9, 2020”